Tips to Consider Before Choosing your Outsourcing Team



Before the development of a project starts, companies need to choose between in-house development or outsourcing. When organizations prefer to have software developed by third parties rather than their internal in-house teams, software outsourcing takes place. Outsourcing software development has many benefits, including cost savings, enhanced performance, mitigated risk, and improved security. It is a blessing for businesses today indeed. 

Once you have decided on opting for outsourcing, the next step is to choose a team effectively. Food for thought; did you know that an outsourcing company can have a deep impact on your company’s reputation and revenue? This is why you should consider choosing an outsourcing team with precision. To make the most out of the benefits of outsourcing, you would have to consider a few tips before choosing a team. If these tips are overlooked, outsourcing can prove disastrous. 

The process of choosing an IT team for outsourcing remains the same globally. However, there has been a recent increase in IT specialists and outsourcing teams. Hence it is advised  not to rush in while choosing a team for outsourcing. Considering multiple factors beforehand can ensure increased revenue, better product delivery, and higher customer satisfaction. 

Below mentioned are some tips you can consider before choosing a team. Considering these tips will not only help you in finding the best outsource team but will also help in increasing the competitive advantage for your organization. 

Resources and technology (Do they have technical support and resources for better practices?) 

One of the most important factors to consider is whether the team is experienced enough and has the correct resources to carry on the development process more effectively and efficiently. 

The team you choose should be technically trained and should have appropriate and relevant expertise. They should also be competent and talented enough to handle the remote operations (off-shore) smoothly. 

Once you shortlist 4-5 teams, evaluate them based on technical expertise, skill sets, access to the latest technology, experience in solving complex challenges, and their passion for your project. 

They should be equipped with good technology tools and software that are required for a high-quality service. This factor directly affects the result and also increases a corporation’s revenue. If all these criteria are met before choosing a team, the process of outsourcing will be smooth and the result will be effective and fruitful. 

The ability to meet deadlines (time is of the essence)

Would you want a team that takes forever to deliver your project back to you? Certainly not. Timelines in outsourcing are of great significance. You should look out for a company that timely delivers a project and does not let this affect the quality of it. 

If you fail to acknowledge this and overlook it, the market reputation of your corporation is likely to be affected. To maintain a good reputation, you should choose an outsourcing company that has one as well. 

The company should be reliable and should have the ability to meet deadlines. This factor is of prominent importance and shall have heavy weightage in the decision making process.

Trustworthiness and reliability of the team

It is extremely important to consider a team for outsourcing that you have faith and trust in. This takes us back to determining the reliability of a team before hiring it. Not hiring a reliable team can result in a disastrous process as well as the end product will not be up to your expectations. 

This can cause a financial and time loss to the corporation hence it is recommended to hire a reliable team. You can ensure this by visiting the vendors’ site a couple of times before hiring them. If it is off-shore outsourcing, then a digital background check can be of great help!

Reliability and trust of the team can be judged by interacting with them for a trial period of a couple of months before signing the bigger deal. It is always safer to spend a few hundred before betting on thousands of dollars. 

Moreover, you should closely review their pre-sales process. This will indicate a lot regarding the team’s ability to communicate effectively and their speed to follow up with the process. Their passion towards the start of the deal will also be an indication of their behaviour with you when you become their client. 

Checking on the teams’ infrastructure, back-ups, technology tools, teams, and the staff hired will give you a clear idea regarding the reliability of the team. This will also improve communication between the parties. 

Communication (is it easy to do business with your team?)

Outsourcing can encompass a few communication problems, however, they are all manageable. If you plan on choosing an off-shore team, then you must ensure that they use management softwares like Jira, Tello, Asana, etc. for a seamless communication process. 

Moreover, you should also communicate all your needs to them before the process of hiring so that they are fully aware of what they will be required to do. Not doing so can create problems in the pipeline and cause ineffective communication. 

The vendor or team should also promptly reply to your queries. A clear understanding of the project before the development process will ensure there are no delays by the end. This will only be possible after you have communicated with the team. 

Outsourcing also means that there might be geographical barriers between the corporation and the team. However, this can be tackled as software management apps tend to modernize and evolve. 

Reputation or reviews of the company you are planning to choose (do not forget to check the references)

No organization can afford to compromise on the quality of the end product. More importantly, you can also not afford to work with a team that always misses deadlines or is impolite when it comes to addressing issues. This can be ensured by checking the market reputation of your outsourcing partner before signing an agreement and hiring them. 

Platforms like Clutch, Good Firms, etc. have made it easier in today’s world to check the history and reputation of an outsourcing company before finalizing them. They enable you to check past reviews of the organization or vendor. However, always check the reliability of those sources and ensure they are authentic and verified. 

If you have any doubts about authenticity, it is always a good idea to get in touch with a few of their past clients and ask them about their experience with the outsourcing firm. You should only lead on a team if you are sure regarding their good market reputation and have a good track record of meeting deadlines. 

Guidance and innovation 

Hiring an innovative and experienced team will make the experience of outsourcing even better. With their expertise, they will be able to guide you regarding the latest market trends and will  suggest tips that can contribute to the better development of your project. 

This can be taken as the last tip to evaluate teams and then finalize them because innovation can make a difference to the project. It can go from being just okay to fantastic!

Finding the right team with the right vision, tech, and knowledge is very important. It can increase the chances of your corporation becoming strategic partners with them in the future. 


Before the development of a project starts, you can always choose to either outsource it or rely on your in-house team. It is always recommended to outsource for tech startups and businesses with little to no technical expertise. Once you have made this decision, it is important to effectively choose a team. 

Outsourcing can boost the growth of your business and increase its efficiency. Global companies like Slack, Skype, Whatsapp, and Ali Baba have also relied on outsourcing.

We hope these tips can help you in finding a great team for outsourcing. 

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