Code District’s workshop is a close collaboration where we help you validate requirements through stakeholder interviews, UI design walkthroughs, and clickable prototypes.

The workshop helps you to:

Reduce Cost

We determine the critical most features that add direct business value and get rid of the fat - helps reduce superficial costs.

Mitigate Risk

We make sure that any high-risk items are identified and dealt with early on.

Prepare for development in the best way possible.

Have complete functional spec written out, which ensures that the product gets built to your exact needs.

Stakeholders Involvement

All stakeholders are involved in the process from day one - this enables you to get much higher adaptability post-deployment.

Prevent Scope Creep

Figuring out the exact requirements helps in avoiding delays and extra costs during delivery.

Visualize your Idea

Developing rapid prototypes to help you see how your new project will look and behave.

How it Works

What we do in Agile Discovery Workshop

Every step of this methodology has been carefully crafted and includes a well-defined set of exercises.

We take into account our client's unique needs and tailor this methodology to best accommodate each specific engagement.

Workshop is tailor made to each client. We make the effort to understand your goals so we can help you achieve them!

  • Introductory call

    Discuss the overall goals of the product, identify the core team, and share the schedule so that necessary meetings can be locked in everyone’s calendars.

  • Interviewing Stakeholders

    Listen & refine requirements by talking to all stakeholders

  • Event Storming

    Create a business model that can be used during development, to get the big picture of the product environment, its needs, and goals, and to assess its complexity.

  • Create a visual prototype

    We put together an interactive set of mockups, to help you visualize your end product.

  • Final Presentation

    Includes the finished prototype, output from our event storming sessions, detailed project plan, and schedule.

What You Get

Requirement Document

A detailed document highlighting all the features of the product that is to be developed.

Clickable Prototype

An interactive set of UI/UX designs, to help you better understand and visualize what the end product would look like.

Technical Evaluation

Identifies high-risk technical challenges and deals with them early-on. Proposes the best possible technology stack and architecture.

Delivery Plan and Schedule

Detailed project plan outlining the cost & delivery timeline and the team composition.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide Agile Discovery Workshop as an independent service. Although it's a crucial first step for successful development, it doesn't bind you to enter into development with us. However, we are confident that our great value addition during the workshop will compel you to take development forward with us as well.

We charge a minimal fee for the workshop based on the average costs that we typically incur during the extensive process. Usually 8-10 people are working behind the scenes to assess the feasibility of your idea. The only benefit we get from this is the ability to better understand your needs and deliver a desirable end product.

Code District would have a Product strategists/Discovery Lead, UI/UX experts, Solution Architects and Engineers working closely with your top management, IT personnel and end users.

As tempting as it may sound to you, it is usually not the wise thing to do. ADW allows for a deeper understanding of your product idea, what you tend to achieve with it and its technical feasibility.It’s the cornerstone of a successful collaboration between you and your technical partner for the duration of the project. By skipping this crucial step you might be setting your project up for a failure from the very start.

Conducting a comprehensive workshop is paramount to a successful product development and delivery because mostly the client is uncertain of what he expects the finished product to accomplish.Laying down key success parameters and indicators early on eliminates the risk of failure and ultimately saves both time and money.