How the Process Works?

We have been successfully delivered over 250+ products on-time and within budget for startups, entrepreneurs, businesses and large enterprises.

Initial Discovery
Deep Dive
  • We discuss your project requirements over a couple of calls or It will be meetings and assess what you already have.
  • If we feel that the requirements are enough for us to provide you with a tentative cost/effort estimate - we go down that route. Otherwise, we recommend that you go through our Agile Discovery Workshop to get you development ready.
  • Otherwise, we recommend that you go through our Agile Discovery Workshop to get you development ready.
Detailed Discovery
Development & QA
  • We start off with doing a detailed discovery as a first milestone, where we revisit the initial requirements and make them more detailed (user stories, wire-frames, non-functional requirements).
  • On the basis of this, we draft a statement of work and provide a detailed project & payment plan.
  • The remaining milestones are about delivering the scope of work defined during detailed discovery.
Go Live
Support & Transition
  • Once the product has gone through the User Acceptance Testing stage, we successfully launch it while providing ongoing support & maintenance during the Pilot phase.
  • After that, we can either transition everything to your team or move to a monthly Support & Maintenance contract.

We understand that each client is unique although a typical fixed price project is composed of all the above stages, we tailor our process according to your needs. You can also benefit from our additional offerings below:

Discovery Workshop

When you don’t have precise specifications, we engage you in a discovery workshop to make you ready for development. Post this workshop, you can choose either a fixed price or dedicated team service based on your priorities.

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During the initial and detailed discovery stages we help you identify the impact of emerging technologies on your project idea and suggest appropriate changes and modifications to the scope accordingly.

This process offers minimum risk and transparent approach since you only pay on completion of defined deliverables.

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Why Fixed Price Project With Code District?

We leverage our across the board knowledge base to expertly deliver your product on time and within your budget.


Senior Team

Highly experienced senior level cross-functional team inclusive of technical project manager, developers, designers and QA experts are allocated for the duration of the project.



Fixed price – no hidden costs. We understand what you need to build and then commit to it.

95% client satisfaction – we are happy to make intros to our past clients.


Immediate Starts

You don’t need to go through the stress of recruitment, infrastructure setup, deal with various staffing risks & problems. We help you ramp up and get started on your project immediately.


Strong IP Protection

No need to worry about your ideas and code base being stolen, you are fully protected under standard “Work for Hire” agreements and NDAs.



We have agile commercial agreements in place, which allow you to modify your product scope as you move forward.


Full Cycle Services

Our full spectrum of services range from designing and developing your product to initially engineering your requirements through our Discovery Workshop.

All-Inclusive Pricing

We have no hidden costs. Our transparent pricing approach includes everything below.

Project Management & QA

A Project Manager and QA expert are both included in all the fixed price offers we share.

No Overhead Costs

You don't have to pay for office space, any tech equipment required, the onboarding process, or trainings - we handle all.

No Recruitment Fee

Neither do you have to hire an in-house team from scratch nor pay headhunters obscene amounts to find you the best fit team.

Max Flexibility

We fully understand how a product at times changes in scope during development and thus offers room for adoptions at no cost.

Our Clients Speak

We have been working with clients around the world.

Success Stories

A portable, private & secure identity for individual and group interactions. Being their trusted tech partners we helped them in building the system.

Nielsen is a global measurement and data analytics company. We built their analytics dashboards for providing the most complete and trusted view available of consumers and markets worldwide.

We built their mobile app with SIP integration which resulted in improved customer service and a cost-effective solution.

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Share your business goal and we will take care of its entire IT component. We can provide you with full range of IT services and guide your product to market.

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