Top Challenges Facing CTOs and CIOs in 2021

2020 was too unpredictable for obvious reasons; the outbreak of coronavirus, global lockdown, downfall in the economy, and the list goes on. Most workers were required to work from home, which greatly affected the way organizations function. Digital adaption today is no longer a luxury but an absolute necessity. The shift from in-person to online can be used to back-up this claim. 

For organizations, 2021 will be a year of adapting to an enormous change that is likely to transform some of the most critical challenges for CTOs and CIOs into a sustainable and secure business model.

Even CTOs and CIOs had to face the effects of the unprecedented digital shift in 2020. As technology plays an increasingly important role in business development, CTOs and CIOs have to come forward with ways to offer more business value and expertise. This has increased the demand for IT services. IT specialists are now under more pressure than ever to ensure that business operations and systems run seamlessly, scale on-demand, and stay in line with needs and security risks. 

As technology continues to grow and spread globally, CTOs and CIOs must also scale-on demand, work consistently, and deliver more value. This is an excellent time for them since the pandemic has brought technology to the forefront through the digital transformation of remote work, small serving, accelerated cloud, and SaaS adoption. 

Resultantly, the position of a modern CIO or CTO has been in a constant state of flux. It has become a balancing act between handling conventional IT operations and pushing strategic initiatives with increasing technical changes.